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The rooms titled as corporate boxes never lag behind in beauty and comfort. the boxes present an enchantimg view of mighty dhauladhar and the stadium together. their calmness and comfort will make the stay more fruitful amd enjoyable.the stay in these boxes would ne more comfortable than the star marked places.

Luxury boxes and club seating constitute the most exclusive class of seating in arenas and stadiums, and generate much higher revenues than regular seating.Club ticketholders often receive exclusive access to an indoor part of the venue through private club entrances, to areas containing special restaurants, bars, merchandise stands, and lounge areas of the venue that are not otherwise available to regular ticketholders.

These special private seating sections located within stadiums, arenas, and other sporting and entertainment venues, are typically located in the midsection and/or main stand or grandstand, usually providing the best views of the event. Some have glass panels that can be opened, in order for the spectators to feel closer to and more immersed in the action of the event. However at some tennis venues (where stadiums are smaller) the luxury boxes might be located at the lowest ring of seats, nearest to the playing court.

Interior and amenities

The inside of a luxury box typically includes a bar, televisions, a small seating area, and a private bathroom. The boxes are usually catered, with guests enjoying corporate hospitality, with champagne, canapés, shrimp, and sushi being common favorites. The lease to a box usually comes with allocated parking spaces at the venue and access is usually provided with separate entrances, away from the general public gates.

Commercial aspects

Luxury boxes are a significant source of revenue for most professional sports teams and venue owners. Since the late 1990s, it has been proven that luxury suites and club seatingare lucrative revenue-generating features that make pro sports teams financially successful in order to remain competitive long-term.